Design Leader & Capability Builder

Design as Transformation

I believe passionately in the role Design plays in our world – I am equally convinced that we can not believe our own hype. Most designers feel some form of calling to leave the world a better (designed) place however that impact can only be realised by truly sharing your experience and craft with those around you.

My approach to Design Capability building starts with a belief that everyone is involved in Designing, every day. Every Decision is a moment of Design and so Design itself does not belong to Designers. When everyone inside an organisation is enabled with the creative confidence that Design-Led mindsets bring then the role of specialised, design crafts can be truly valued and leveraged by an organisation for long-term sustainable benefit of all stakeholders.

This is my view of Design’s role – to help create the human-centred, sustainable business of tomorrow.

We may not all be Designers
but we are all Designing.

– Martin Dowson


As a Psychology Graduate who joined a Management Consultancy to then Design one of the UKs first Online Grocery sites – my pathway into Design is certainly not traditional but it has always been rooted in an understanding of the human condition.


I have worked as a Design Researcher, Information Architect, UX Designer, Service Designer, CX Architect and Design Strategist. The work has spanned 7 industries and every type of team from consultancy, agency through to in-house.


I believe passionately in building capability in others. The role of a leader is to be in service of the team. I’ve served that role as a coach, mentor and Design Leader in-house with experience building and running my own agency as well as creating capability inside large scale organisations.

Speaking Topics

If your team are keen to hear practical and inspiring lessons on how to develop sustainable and human centred organisations then I’d be happy to share some stories in as formal or informal a setting as you need.

Want to know more about how to transform the value of your business through Design?