Design Leader & Management Coach

I’ve had a very windy road to where I am now, but I often find that when you turn around and look back you can find a common thread that underpinned most of the key decisions and forks in the road.

I have always believed that Business exists to serve a Purpose beyond Shareholder Value. The purposes that I care most about are ones that move humans forward in their lives. Because of this, I believe Business must turn a profit so that it can continue to exist, to invest in and serve its purpose.

I am a Design Leader with no formal education in Design, who has designed some of the UK’s earliest and landmark web-experiences. Because I started this journey at a Management Consultancy I was always connected to the business rationale for change. I have always been working just at the edge of where Design is evolving and how Business is adapting – taking me through Design Research, UX, Information Architecture, Service Design, Foresight and Speculative Design as each became increasingly popular for business to adopt.

I have experience creating and running startups and transforming large organisations. I have trained as a professional coach, started my own agency, trained over 1000 people in Design Thinking and Service Design. I have created capabilities for Design Research, Service Design and DesignOps inside large-scale complex organisations.

I believe all of these experiences have led me to be the Design Leader I am today with a unique perspective on Design’s role in the Transformation of Business.

“Growing your Design Team is not the same as growing the Impact of Design in your Organisation.”

I care deeply that organisations become more human-centred whilst continuing to be able to grow sustainably. I am convinced that we need to elevate the level of Maturity at leveraging Design inside our organisations and institutions. If you need help establishing why this is important to your organisations, working out how to move from where you are now to where you want to be – I’d love to help…

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